it Cosmetics Hello Results Daily Retinol Cream

it Cosmetics Hello Results Daily Retinol Cream


Say hello to younger-looking skin! Hello Results Daily Retinol Cream combines the power of an anti-aging serum with the soothing care of a cream in just one step. Featuring dual retinol—a blend of free and encapsulated retinol, the formula is suitable for daily use on all skin types. You'll see dramatic clinical results on more than just wrinkles! See an improvement in skin firmness and a reduction in fine lines and dark spots. 


Developed with our IT Cosmetics advisory board of plastic surgeons and dermatologists to balance efficacy with care, this hydrating and soothing retinol cream is infused with niacinamide—known to reduce the look of uneven skin tone—plus vitamin B5 to support healthy skin barrier function and vitamin E to soothe and calm skin.


New to retinol? 

This product has been formulated and tested for daily use; however, if you have never used retinol, please consider the following: 

When first using a retinol product, it is common to experience mild redness, dryness or tingling. This adjustment period to retinol—known as “retinization”—lasts two to three weeks on average, at which point skin adjusts and normalizes. If you experience this with daily application, reduce the frequency of use as tolerated. Stop using the product for a day or two, then resume use of frequency to every other day or every two days. If you have very sensitive skin or prefer to slowly introduce Hello Results Daily Retinol Cream into your routine, start with twice-weekly usage, then gradually increase frequency to every other night, and finally once daily. 


Hello Results products are: 

  • Co-developed with our board of dermatologists & plastic surgeons
  • Clinically tested efficacy balanced with built-in care
  • Suitable for all skin types


Developed with plastic surgeons’ insights and dermatologists’ ingredient and skincare expertise, IT Cosmetics creates problem-solving, skin-loving formulas that give you visible results.

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